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We live in a hyper-connected world. A world that creates emotional, physical and human disconnects between stakeholders, brands and audiences. Everyone is talking but who is listening?

Research shows the “experience of an engagement” correlates directly with an audience’s motivation, inspiration and actions. In other words, a powerful experience can translate into powerful results.

People are your most powerful media. We believe engaging people with inspiring experiences creates believers who will become your most powerful brand ambassadors, broadcasters and purchasers. In other words your best return on investment.



Experience DNA – defined

An inspiring experience is a set of strategically defined, creatively developed and flawlessly orchestrated series of moments. When added together, these moments create the stage for real (in-person), memorable, meaningful and emotional events.




 Our approach:


Engage – you, your audience, your brand.


Engage – you, your audience,your brand.

Strategy, Planning and Creative Development
It all starts with a Map. Together we create the Event Map – we identify and define crucial moments in the pre, live and post event. Creating impact around these moments and delivering on your objectives and goals become our deliverable.

Start the Buzz
We employ tactics to generate excitement, anticipation and engagement.
These include:
Event theming and branding
Creative and Concepts
Integrated campaigns and pre-event management tools, such as:
– Social Media and Digital Campaigns (Save the Date, Invitations, online registration)
– Direct marketing (teaser campaigns, launch videos)
– Pre-launch
– Qualifying and Incentive Campaigns


Experience – Live it LIVE!


Experience – Live it LIVE!

This is where the full impact of strategy and creative come together. The live experience is the pinnacle, where ideas and emotion unite to inspire your audience to action.

We shine in the execution – we have the production management and live direction expertise, the technical know-how, innovative design and staging prowess, and custom animated visuals with broadcast-quality motion graphics and video production.


Inspire – Wanting more and telling others.


Inspire – Wanting more and telling others.

We ensure the impact of your event won’t end when the audience leaves. We’ll package and deliver content after the event, provide event highlights online and continue feeding your audience with pertinent messaging from your event through social media or internal channels.

Our goal is to have them wanting more and telling others. To measure the success of your event campaign we’ll create interactive tools to provide data and metrics, such as online audience polls and reactions.


Our featured experiences


Event & Experiential strategy & mapping.
Provides analysis, survey and dissection of the user, customer or attendee’s experience. Mapping simulates a user experience journey, allowing our clients to gain insights that anticipate a brand experience.

Meeting planning management.
We work with you in the planning of each aspect and stage of your event, from the main tent, or plenary session, to breakouts or seminars and team-building.

Branding, integrated campaign & brand experience intelligence.
Ensuring consistent on-strategy messaging and tone, vital to each point of contact with your audience and each important moment of their experience; from event logos and teasers, to live event design, flow and staging, to measuring the impact post-event.

Overall concept development, creative thinking, theming & design
Including event logos for print and online applications, online and printed teaser and invite designs, to stage design.

Interactive, social media & digital support that reaches outside your event.
Always consistent in theme and tone – it keeps the connection going

Design, staging & technical management, and talent management

Custom animated visuals & broadcast-quality motion graphics

Video production: scripting, shoot, edit & post-production compositing

Multimedia speaker support production

Script writing, presenter speechwriting

Presentation development, including speaker support content and live presentation coaching

Audio visual staging & technical direction

Stage Management



“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt —

Experiences count – Our team

We have brought together a team of communication, design and execution professionals — experts in event strategy, creative design and production — who set the industry standard with award winning creative and broadcast quality production, brought to life through flawless execution. Each member of the Relay team has over twenty years of experience in event management and marketing – together, they leverage their skill and knowledge.

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